Last Orders for Pet Portraits

examples of pet portraits paintings in pastel dogs
Pet portraits are ending, your last chance to order is by the 20th April 2021!

If you would like a pet portrait, please email me before the 21st to ensure you get one of the last spaces.

Why are they ending? For a happy reason, fortunately! I am going to be dedicating more time to teaching both online and in-person, as well as giving more time to my own practice.

Pet Portraits from Photos

pet portrait process being drawn from a photo

Are phone photos good enough for personal portraits?

Yes they are, in addition, I have a free guide to taking good reference photos, so send me an email to get it in your inbox.

What are the pet portraits done in?

These custom pet portrait drawings are done using pastel pencils, most importantly these are artist quality supplies.

I also offer oil paintings, get in touch for more information.

Do you ship artwork internationally?

Yes I do, in addition, I can courier your work safely to you within England for no extra charge to you.

I ship internationally at cost, as a result I have work safely in Australia, New Zealand and America.

What type of portrait can you draw?

Being a pet portrait artist, I can therefore draw anything of fur or feather although fish are welcome, too! For example, I have had horses to rabbits, birds to cats and, of course, lot of dogs.

Pet Portrait Prices

DimensionsSingle SubjectDouble PortraitTriple Portrait
17 x 25cm£135
22 x 30cm£200
25 x 30cm£250£270
30 x 40cm£330£370£370
35 x 50cm£450£540£570
50 x 70cm£900£930£970

However, if you have a specific size or budget in mind, do get in touch and I will be happy to give you a new quote.

See my most recent personalised portraits on Instagram

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