Emily Rose Fine Art






From Green to Gold

Open House Autumnal Exhibition

19th & 20th October

10 am - 4pm

All very welcome, entry is free

6, Willow Lodge, Vicarage Rd, Sheringham,

NR26 8NH


is a young British wildlife artist, practising on the North Norfolk coastline and specialising in pastel pencils. Having begun her career by chance just two years ago with requests for pet portraits, Emily Rose has since developed a practise which now includes teaching, pet commissions and multiple wildlife exhibitions throughout Norfolk.


She is mostly self taught and believes talent has little to with anything, she has simply spent every day since being able to hold a pencil drawing constantly. Her innate passion and focus has driven Emily to become a full time artist by the age of 23.


Her works are highly sort after and focus on the finer details of her subjects which are chosen from the incredible array of species found in Britain, something which she is keen to promote. Emily's work, gives a glimpse into a mostly unseen world: the creeping of a Bittern, the chance sighting of a Swallowtail butterfly or the essence of summer caught in the bloom of a wild meadow and the busy work of a Common Carder Bee. Whether it be a meadow scene or a beloved pet, Emily is drawn to capturing the character, detail and atmosphere which will bring her paintings to life. 




I am a wildlife artist because it encompasses my love of being an artist with my most faithful companions in life and my adoration for the spectacular natural beauty of where I call home. I understand that having your pet immortalised on canvas is so much more than 'painting a picture'; it is about capturing everything that makes our dearest companions who they are.

I work entirely from photographs making a tribute painting the perfect way to bring our loved friend back home. If you would like to know more, please just get in touch with me with our enquiry.


Sizes and prices for portraits start at just £135 for a 17 x 25cm bespoke portrait painting.